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Posted by devilsapprentice on February 19, 2008


In the United States of America without a labor movement as there exists in other countries; and,

In the United States of America which never had a labor movement as existed in other countries, when one refers to the left one is hard pressed to delineate where that left begins and ends.

Certainly if one supports the trade union movement that can be said, or that if one was in the union movement that can be said, and also if one was a socialist albeit of what ever shade that socialism takes that also can be said.

But for the most part to know the American left of the United States of North America (for it is not really the United States of America but the United States of America north of Mexico and south o Canada) is to perceive the brutal oppression, manipulation, deceit, dishonesty and corruption; within which the American Labor movement and progressive movements were born in the United States, have been subjected, and exist:

In a long history of oppression, repression, surveillance, control, and management which successive American governments and administrations have treated as little more that an annoying nuisance contrary to what has self-servingly been proclaimed by the likes of the FBI, various Congressional committees (e.g. House Un-American Activities Committee), think tanks and other dubious subversive organizations who subvert the American People, the American working class, democratic values, and democratic society, the republic, and even mother and apple pie in that they cater to a system without loyalties to anything other than money and power.

For no where else in the world can the socialist movement internationally be found with such a motley array of counter-productive misfits who often do not serve the purpose of social change, but instead serve the forces of reactionary dysfunctionality and the ruling class.

Now one can say then: Why be a socialist? How bother yourself? Why try to change the unchangeable when there are so many other things to do, places to be, etc?

Because that is the only way they are going to change! For to be for change is to be a socialist, for to be for labor is to be a socialist, for to be for social change is to be a socialist, and to be a freedom loving person within the critical air of reality is to be a socialist it means nothing more in the universal sense because the past has been evil, void and empty; and the future is tedious numbing slavery without socialism.

Herein in writing these are the products of experiences in, on, or with the so called left in America extending for a period of time over the past forty years in which has brought contact with many individuals, parties, and organization of various stripes shades and colors.

For the most part I am just as critical of the so called left as the right, in fact I am even more so critical of the left than right because the right would not exist if it wasn’t for the ineptitudes of the left, because the ruling class would not exist if it wasn’t for the ineptitudes on the left, as everyone knows what the right is up as it publicizes itself daily in the media it owns to in an open book test called the reality where out memories are tested in what yesterday it said, it changes today for something else.


Why not it is the center of world finance in a capitalist society of a world based on capitalist economics right?

Let me begin by asking when the Left in the United States ever directly influenced government in the United States, as corresponding left parties and movements influenced their respective governments in other countries?

Let me add asking when has the Labor movement in the United States ever directly influenced government in the United States, as corresponding labor movements influenced their respective governments in other countries?

The answer is never at no time since the advent of organized labor or socialist parties in the United States has those socialist parties and labor movement ever directly influenced government in the United States, as corresponding socialist parties and labor movements influenced their respective governments in other countries!

Why is that why with all the so called progress that has alleged been made how can one say that the socialist and labor movement never directly influenced the government in the United Stated as it has in other countries?

The answer is simple because there never was a socialist or labor government in the United States, and all influence was derived not by participation in government but by acting as power brokers or kingmakers.

The American Left has been allowed to exist so as to channel the mass dissatisfaction of the American Worker into neatly constructed channels for use or destruction, and often it has existed as a means to provide cover to US Intelligence for their overseas activities where often mainstream thinking and Americans generally have been looked at with suspicion weither being comrades or not.

Many on the left have deluded themselves after decades of not centuries of dysfunctionality that they serve some useful purpose but in reality they have been serving quite conveniently the forces of opportunism or sectarian extremism.

Where today comes a point where there is relatively little appropriate discussion on the left, and even less critical examination of what occurs and is said, as the so called left has with the falling fortunes of world socialism and labor has taken on the characteristics of cults of personalities going through the motions of feigning what they once were.

Where often lies of distortion promoted by the reactionary rightists has gained acceptance unchallenged, where even the history of the left is distorted on relatively basic issues and facts, and remain unnoticed and unchallenged.

Only today I ran across one article in a purportedly left publication that mirrored an argument presented five years in a fascist (neo-nazi) publication without their readers knowing anything than what they were presented.

Currently under investigation from also on the same day is what appears to be a historical distortion presented by such divergent sources as Wikipedia and the Heritage Foundation (amongst others) that purported in allegation (undoubtedly due to the inaccuracy of their paid snitch informers) that there was a fraternal relationship between the Progressive Labor Party and the Puerto Rican Socialist Party when none had previously existed.

So to advance the left, the socialist agenda I challenge it, and they will be my main focus, for the movement for a socialist society does not mean a chicken in every pot, or a car in every garage it means independence, it means more than a shopping list agenda, and more than constituency politics it means a radical assess based upon an empirical materialist analysis, within the subjective context of human expression that has a morality beyond the bottom line of business as usual.


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